Highlights of the CyberSecurity Summer Bootcamp 2018

Highlights of the CyberSecurity Summer Bootcamp 2018

From July 17th to 28th, Guayoyo Labs, a member of the Pyxisportal ecosystem since 2017, participated in the third edition of the CyberSecurity Summer Bootcamp in the city of León, Spain.

“Each year the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), in collaboration with the Organization of American States (OAS), organizes this event for specialized training programs in cybersecurity. It has the objective of training computer security specialists and technicians. They share the latest techniques for the fight against cybercrime, the management of cybersecurity incidents and different legislative aspects in this matter”, says Edgar Salazar, co-founder of Guayoyo Labs.

2018 trends in computer vulnerabilities

In its third edition, the event had more than 300 participants from 44 countries from different fields (political, administrative, judicial, security bodies, CERTs, private sector, etc.).

Various topics related to new threats and vulnerabilities were exposed. Cybercrime as a new model of organized crime, the challenges in research on cyberterrorism, policies, legal framework and jurisprudence. In addition, the importance of cyber resilience in critical infrastructures, security and challenges in cloud services was discussed. Artificial intelligence as a mechanism to combat cybercrime and the so-called european regulations on the general regulation of data protection (RGPD), among others.

All these themes were aimed at promoting a call to action to take effective measures to protect citizens, the private sector and governments.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Guayoyo Labs also participated in the Cyber Threat Intelligence training, which addressed the vision of current threats, using layers of infrastructure, products and services capable of evading traditional security controls.

“This brings as a consequence a new way of working with these cyber threats, where the current approach to information security must evolve towards a more aggressive and dynamic model, based on the in-depth knowledge of this type of threats to defend our infrastructures and information” explains Edgar.


Guayoyo Labs was chosen to participate in “flash chats”, a series of short talks where participants presented their projects, challenges, problems, methodologies, among other topics.

“In order to generate synergy and receive feedback from interested people, we presented our HowlerMonkey project and the managed security approach SPEC (Security Prevention & Early Contention). We received very good returns from the different participants, “adds Edgar.

Guayoyo Labs also participated in activities that fostered the interaction between the different participants. One example was the role-playing exercises, where real cyber-attacks are simulated with professionals of different roles, in order to exercise decision-making, procedures and joint actions.

“The event was also attended by a representative who is part of the CERT of Antel, a uruguayan telecommunications company, where we had the opportunity to share activities and exchange experiences”, adds Edgar. The co-founder of Guayoyo Labs highlights the opportunity not only to be updated in the new trends of cybersecurity, but also to take the opportunity to exchange experiences with different actors that allows them to open opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.